Enjoy your encounter with books

With the concept of "making travel more fun and expanding travel experiences through knowing," we have lined up books that open new doors of discovery and encounters that are hard to find in ordinary bookstores.

Please enjoy browsing only at the Book Lounge.

Books are also available for sale if you wish to read them in the comfort of your room.

Encounters with Books

There are 5 to 8 themes at the Book Lounge, and will change themes on an irregular basis.
You'll have to wait and see which theme you encounter.

You can pick up a book of your choice based on the theme or cover that interests you.
It may be the start of a new encounter with books.

Books OGAKI,
first book selection in Japan

Books OGAKI will be in charge of book selection.
This is the first time in Japan that Books OGAKI is involved in book selection for a hotel.

※Books OGAKI:Established in July 1942, the bookstore has 39 stores mainly in Kyoto Prefecture.


Books OGAKI select books based on the concept of "making travel more fun and expanding travel experiences through knowing," and provide encounters with books.
We will be changing the theme at irregular intervals, so you will have to wait and see which theme will be lined up.

”Art Encounter Books”,”Books about Travel”,”Encountering Tradition Books”,”Books about Kyoto”,”Manga and Anime Encounter Books”,”Books about the SDGs”,”Books about Encountering Words”,”Encounter Picture Books”,”Books about Encountering Sake”,”Nature Encounter Books”,”World Heritage Encounter Books”,etc.

Relaxing space

From the moment you step into the hotel, you can feel the anticipation of a trip to Kyoto, and it will add color to your trip through tradition, culture, and art.

In order to create a relaxing atmosphere, we have created a green space with plants of various expressions.

Wishes as "the beginning of the journey" and "the destination of the journey

We hope that the encounter with books and the relaxing space will make your trip more enjoyable. We also hope that the hotel's stay will continue to enrich the experience of visitors.

Enjoy your encounter with books.

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