Opened the BETTEI in 2017


Kyoto Daiichi Hotel opened the Bettei in fall 2017.
The Main Building and Bettei are in the same grounds.
Smoking is prohibited throughout the building. Guests who wish to smoke are asked to use the smoking room on the first floor of the Main Building.

Floor BETTEI Guide

Located in the grounds of the Main Building, the Bettei has 3 floors.
Smoking is prohibited throughout the building.
On 1F are the lobby, guest rooms, and 1 vending machine. On 2F and 3F are guest rooms only.
The beds in both the Premier Double Rooms and Premier Twin Rooms are Simmons beds.
Please note that pets are not permitted in guest rooms or the hotel grounds.

3F Guest Rooms
2F Guest Rooms
1F Lobby - Vending Machine - Guest Rooms

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